When we started The Let Them Play Foundation, we knew the mission of Play resonated deep with our family and our close supporters.  Then came the logistics of tax registration, website, t-shirts, applications, scheduling, and all things business to make a foundation run. 

We started out on the Tri Across America as our introduction.  Every day needs and execution took the forefront.  Simple tasks like navigation could make or break our day. We had scheduled appearances and speaking events in multiple cities and schools, but in an historic heat wave, schools weren’t in session, and we rolled through town without the chance to see the kids.

Then we rolled into Philadelphia.  Though it was still insanely hot, School was in session and Eric was going to lead a group of elementary kiddos through their PE classes.  They were scheduled once a week for 45 minutes, and it included a section about nutrition and provided a snack that was underwritten by the local grocery store. 

At this point, we are but a few days from the end of the 56 day endurance event across the country. Physically exhausted, and mentally zapped, our 45 minute PE class was just what the doctor ordered.  To see every single kid in that gym come to life through simple movement (think ladder steps, jumping jacks, etc) and the pure joy of “Sneaky Exercise” when they raced each other in a relay to switch baseball uniforms and race back (SHHHH, don’t tell them its exercise ) was energizing to say the least. 

This was what we were out here for… To see all these kids, in play, preparing their minds for learning, interacting with each other, and SMILING.  Play shouldn’t be a privilege, it’s a right.