One of Eric’s favorite sentiments is “Don’t tell me, show me.”  Its part of what has prompted him to tackle such ridiculous endurance challenges, like the Tri Across America and The 24 World Record Speed Golf Challenge.  So when we were structuring the 24 Hour World Speed Golf Challenge Local Grants, he wondered if the kids shouldn’t do the same.

During the event, Eric golfed, while running, for 24 straight hours in an attempt to break the World Record, (yes, there was such a thing).  He ultimately played 420 holes of golf while completing 107 miles on the course. We had the privilege to hand out grants all day to local organizations.  The only caveat was that they had to run a lap on the course with Eric to earn their grant. 

Groups ranged from the local elementary school, Little League Teams, Court Hockey, Triathlon, After School Basketball and the High School Softball, Football and Cheer teams.  These kids showed up, ran their lap, and did it with such enthusiasm!  Their energy was undoubtedly a huge part of Eric’s ability to ultimately capture the record while promoting Let Them Play.

The participants had a huge sense of ownership in their teams.  They stepped out of their zones and did so with great energy!  We have always loved the thank you cards and impact stories from the grants, but witnessing the sheer joy and sweat of these young athletes was truly awesome.  We hope to have more fundraisers in the future where the athletes and grant recipients can participate in the pursuit!